Our Company

Located in Rocky River, Ohio, we provide services in communication system design, network modeling and simulation, and system engineering and analysis. We also design and develop portals and databases to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the engineering process of our customers. We are engaged in market and architecture-driven technology development in a number of advanced areas.

Our Vision is to enhance the connectivity between Earth and space of civil, defense, and commercial space sectors, through the services we provide and the technologies we develop. Through intense commitment to our employees, we contribute to the success of our clients. We place a high value on finding and keeping loyal, smart, dedicated, and passionate employees, allowing us to provide superb quality of service. We maintain a relaxed, open, and collaborative work environment where we focus on continuous skill improvement and training, and take time to celebrate a job well done.

Our Mission

To create smart technology products and innovative solutions for our clients through integrated systems that incorporate communications, software, and computing technologies.

Our Values

  • Team – education-minded, motivated, passionate
  • Client-driven – reputable, accountable, reliable quality
  • Growth – risk-taking, innovation, creativity
  • Integrity – transparency, honesty, ethical
  • Giving back – to next generation and community

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