Comsat Architects' core competencies are in space communication engineering, system architecting design and analysis, engineering portal design and implementation, and advanced technology development. Our members have advanced degrees and experiences in the areas of software, hardware, system engineering, business, and project management.

  • Space Communication System Engineering

    Space Communication System Engineering

    • Communication Link Analysis
    • Figure of Merit Analysis
    • Communication Architecture Design
    • Cost-Benefit Analysis
    • Size, Weight, and Power Analysis
    • Architecture Frameworks
    • Trade Studies
  • Web, Database, and Software Development

    Web, Database, and Software Development

    • CMS: Joomla!, Wordpress
    • Languages: PHP, Javascript, HTML, Java, C#, Matlab
    • Frameworks: Angular, Gantry, Bootstrap
  • Technology Development

    Technology Development

    • Cognitive Communication Simulation and Engines
    • Software Defined Networking
    • Optical
    • Advanced Communication Networks
    • Network testbed
  • System and Payload Engineering

    System and Payload Engineering

    • Payload Design
    • Size, Weight, and Power Development and Analysis
    • Master Equipment List Development and Analysis
    • Future Network Technology Needs Assessment
    • Concept of Operations Development
    • Node Connectivity Design and Analysis
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