Comsat Architects provides high quality, cost efficient services to civil, defense and commercial sectors. For more information, please select from the options below.

  • System and Payload Designs

    System and Payload Designs

    We identify, analyze, design, and evaluate satellite communication payloads and systems and propose elegant solutions from conceptual ideas to development and procurement.
  • Network Modeling and Simulation

    Network Modeling and Simulation

    We provide services to maintain and, modify current space communication network models, and can also design, develop, and simulate next generation networks.
  • System Engineering and Analysis

    System Engineering and Analysis

    We perform high quality and timely system analyses at each stage of a project or program lifecycle based on client requirements.
  • Technology to System Trade Studies

    Technology to System Trade Studies

    We perform advanced trade studies to provide quality intelligence information to guide civil, department of defense, and commercial system, network, and mission planning.
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