From concept to reality, Comsat Architects designs and develops a variety of software products and technologies in the areas of full-stack development, web portals, machine learning, and database development.

  • Full-Stack Development

    Full-Stack Development

    We design and develop front and back-end software solutions. With a high level of efficacy in full-stack development, we can build server components, databases, and applications to satisfy the customer's requirements.
  • Web Portals

    Web Portals

    With expertise in multiple databases, systems, and frameworks, we can create a user centered web portal to showcase information from diverse sources with an intuitive interface.
  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning

    We develop software implementing machine learning algorithms that will drive the future of cognitive communication technologies. We also develop several machine learning algorithms that will contribute to a cognitive engine that will drive future space communication systems.
  • Database Devolopment

    Database Devolopment

    We can develop automated systems to meet the requirements of each user by streamlining engineering analyses, developing reliable database, and designing user friendly interfaces.
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